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Librairie Petite Égypte

Visual identity and signage of Parisian bookshop Petite Égypte have been designed for its opening on 2016. Located in "rue des Petits-Carreaux" [Petits-Carreaux Street], Paris 2nd arrondissement, this bookshop immerses itself in its neighborhood, which is crossed by "rue du Caire" [Cairo Street], "rue d'Aboukir" [Abu Qir Street] and "rue du Nil" [Nile Street], therefore nicknamed "Petite Égypte" [Small Egypt]. Typeface Le Nil, redesigned at our studio on the base of 1930s typeface Le Vogue, irrigates the bookshop media, from its website to its sign and to its original beer especially brewed for the bookshop, using Egyptian yeasts.


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Le Nil

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