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The exhibition “HF | RG” at the Jeu de Paume in 2009 was dedicated to the artists Harun Farocki and Rodney Graham (curator: Chantal Pontbriand). The intention was to bring together, in a single exhibition and a single system of graphic design, two relatively unconnected artistic oeuvres. Playing on this encounter, we created a signature combining the initials of the two artists. The poster is divided into two halves, each showing an image of work by one of the two artists and linked together by the typographic device. This binary construction was also used in the design of the catalogue, giving a subtle balance to the page layout. In the first part of the publication, consisting of essays, the English and French texts are clearly arranged on pages divided horizontally into two, the images being placed centrally between them. The catalogue section of the book, by contrast, is divided vertically: Harun Farocki on the left and Rodney Graham on the right.