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In 2010, Philippe Chiambaretta, architect in charge of the conception of Aéroville shopping center, commissioned us to design the building’s frontage cladding. This 84 000 m2 building, on the edge of Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, has a frontage’s size of 1.2 km long by 6 meters high. This project’s issue was to create an appropriate design for the building’s structure — an inner mirror-wall superposed with a glass skin, and to make it visible from a certain distance. We designed a modular typeface made of dots, able to be divided in two components: one part of the letter is printed on the inner wall, and the other one on the outer glass membrane. Each letter of the word « Aéroville » is in this way repeated and composes a pattern, covering each building frontage, creating a polymorphic cladding and an optical illusion of moving image for the person turning around the shopping center.

photographs : Jean-Philippe Mesguen